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Best Walk-Behind Mowers – Real, Push, and Self-Propelled

What comes to mind when we think about the best walk-behind mowers? Maybe it is efficiency and speed or maybe it dependability and cost. Today we are going to be discussing the best walk-behind mowers- reel, push, and self-propelled and what the differences are.

Remember that it is important to choose the right tool for the job and this includes making sure you have the best walk-behind mower for you.


Reel Mowers, also known as cylinder mowers, utilize a cylindrical body of 3 to 7 blades to cut the grass blades vertically in scissoring action.

reel mowerYou most commonly see these types of mowers on a golf course being towed behind a tractor.

These reel mowers leave behind a a very precise and uniform surface to the grass.

In the push-style reel mowers, there is very little noise generated as these typically are not motorized. By pushing the mower, the wheels directly spin the blades, making this the most eco-friendly style of walk-behind mowers.

Reel mowers should be used in very small, residential applications as they are powered completely by a person manually pushing them across the cutting surface.


Push mowers are the more conventional style of walk-behind mowers.

These utilize revolving blades, powered by an over-head engine, to cut the grass in a uniform manner as the machine travels over the cutting surface.

gas powered push mowerThese are most commonly seen in use for small residential applications.

Push mowers can come powered by a small internal combustion engine, battery powered, or even as a corded- electric machine.

Typically the blades will be powered but mowers have to be pushed manually across the cutting surface.

Many push mower models offer the user the ability to adjust the cutting height and speed of the blades.

This allows the user to have great control over the appearance of the freshly cut surface.


Self-propelled mowers are very similar to the push mowers in their design, however, these mowers offer users a much desired feature.

The motor, in addition to spinning the cutting blades, also rotates the wheels in a forward motion.

The self-propulsion feature helps to eliminate fatigue in the user so this style can be used in a much larger application.

gas powered self-propelled lawn mowerUsers can typically feel comfortable cutting up to 3/4 acre while these mowers do all the work.

While operating a self-propelled mower, the user simply needs to guide its direction.

The walking speed, sitting speed, and cutting height can all be adjusted prior to beginning the grass cutting operation.

Self-propelled mowers can also come in electric, battery, or internal combustion models, however, most experts recommend the gasoline pwered internal combustion motors for this style as they have the best dependibilty and raw power.


All three of these styles of walk-behind mowers have their merits and each is designed to tackle a very specific type of grass cutting job.
You will have to decide which is the best fit for your application be it precision, a small residential application, or something closer to a full acre.

It is important to choose the right tool or the job as it will pay dividends in the future.


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